In a very lowly stable,
In a manger filled with hay,
A precious little child was born
Who’d save the world some day.

The Shepherds in the fields afar,
Did hear the angels sing;
Hosanna to the highest
For today is born a king.

Their voices rang out, loud and clear,
Proclaiming Jesus’ Birth
For as the Lord had promised,
His Son had come to earth.

A special star shone brightly
On the little manger town;
It led them all to Bethlehem,
Where the Christ child would be found.

This tiny little baby
In this manger filled with hay,
Had come to earth so willingly
To show us all the way.

The way to God the Father
Through Jesus Christ His Son;
The child that grew in wisdom,
The only sinless one. 

He lived his life for you and me;
All He asks is we believe
So on the day of His return,
A heavenly home we will receive. 

He knew before he entered Earth
In that lowly stable stall;
That one day when the time was right,
He would suffer for us all.

So this year as we celebrate
The miracle of His birth.
Remember all the trials, too,
That he endured on earth.

Then take Him with you every day,
Not just this time of year,
And as you learn to walk with Him,
He will vanquish all your fear.

His life story is not fiction,
But the greatest ever told;
Its truths have always been the same
From the present to days of old.

The fact will always remain unchanged,
He knew before His birth;
All things that were required of Him,
Long before He came to earth.

He knew His life would be filled with pain,
The world would send His way.
He understood rejection;
He knew the price that He must pay.

He felt the pain of loneliness;
He realized the price.
He felt the piercing of the nails
As He made the sacrifice.

He shed His blood for you and me,
Without a moments hesitation,
And as He hung there on that tree,
He forgave without reservation.

Oh, such a love has never been known;
He knew we would suffer loss
So He extended, His sacrificial Love
From The Manger to the Cross

© By Loretta Coley Lipsey,
All rights reserved.
September 16, 2003

Graphics & Page by
Amelia Anne

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