Oh so many years ago,
There lived a girl named Mary.
She must have been a special one,
For God chose her to carry;

His one and only begotten son,
Whom to this world He sent;
To pay the price for all of those,
Who, would their sins repent.

Just imagine her thoughts that day,
When the Angel did appear;
To tell her she’d been chosen,
And that she need not fear.

Although young and very innocent,
 In God’s hands she placed her life,
And the man that she had planned to wed
Then took her for his wife.

The story tells about this man,
To whom the Angels came
Explaining God’s great plan for him,
To give “His” child a name.

So Joseph and Mary were married,
And as the time drew nigh
For Jesus Christ our Saviour’s birth,
To Bethlehem they took flight. 

And as is told in God’s great book,
There was no room available
So, there amongst the animals,
She gave birth in a lowly stable.

This was not a fitting place,
But it was safe and far from danger
And so this Mother, young and Sweet,
Lay her baby in a manger.

She wrapped His tiny body,
In swaddling clothes so they say,
And then she kissed the face of God,
And placed Him on the hay.

 The star shone bright, the Angels sang,
And the shepherds from afar;
Listened to Angelic voices,
Saying “Come” and follow the star.

They gazed into the distant sky,
And there shone a brilliant light,
And so they began their journey,
In the middle of the night.

To Bethlehem they traveled,
With a star to guide their way,
And it led them to the stable,
Where their tiny Saviour lay.

They came to see a baby,
But they knelt before a King
All of Heavens Angels rejoiced,
And they began to sing.

Peace on Earth Good Will Toward Men,
We bring you tidings of joy.
For God has sent His only son,
As a tiny baby boy.

God sent His son so willingly,
Out of love for you and me;
Knowing the pain He would suffer,
When we nailed Him on a tree.

This is truly amazing,
And a Love we can’t comprehend,
But Jesus was also willing to come,
And be our personal friend.

He knew before He came to Earth,
Just what He must endure,
And as He left His Father’s side,
God shed a tear, I’m sure.

So listen very carefully,
To the echoes of His call,
And put your Faith in Christ alone,
For He suffered for us all;

And “ONLY” Faith in God can save,
From a life that is forlorn.
So “REMEMBER” on this Christmas Day
Unto “YOU” A Child Was Born.



Author: Loretta Coley Lipsey-2000


© By Loretta Coley Lipsey,
All rights reserved.
September 16, 2003


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