Each year,
as Christmas comes around,
excitement fills the air.
We think about a stable,
 and an Infant Boy born there.
We think about a Mother,
and an earthly Father, too;
But do we think of why He came,
and what He came to do?

We let ourselves get caught up
 in the ribbons and the frills;
And forget about the Baby Boy
 who came to do God's will.
Just think about the moment when
 He left His Father's side;
Then think about your own child
 and imagine how God cried.

Could you or I have kissed our child
and sent them on their way;
Knowing what their future held,
and the pain that they would face?
So, if we tell the story of Jesus
 and His birth;
Then we need to tell the whole
 truth about why He came to Earth.

He did not come to be a tale that
is told on Christmas day;
And then forgotten all year through
 as we go our worldly way.
He, Himself, was God, the Son,
and knew how great the price;
The pain and suffering He must
 endure to save all of our lives.

Do you think about His loneliness,
 or the sadness that He felt;
When everyone rejected Him,
 and scoffed Him as He knelt?
If you can for just a moment,
put yourself in Jesus place;
And understand that He knew
ALL the suffering He would face.

From the moment it was decided that
He would leave His Royal throne,
And come to Earth and face the
world rejected and alone;
He fully understood the task,
the heartaches He must bear;
Yet, He came so Willingly,
all our lives to spare.

Could you or I have done as much,
 been willing to bear the Cross;
To pay sins penalty once for All,
no matter what the cost?
So as we do our shopping,
and as we trim our tree;
Please take the time to thank
God's Son for dying at Calvary.

For His story is more than just a Babe,
 in a manger filled with hay;
We need to understand His Love,
 and what He came to say.
He told us of a Love that's real
and by His death did show;
The World and all its people,
the things that we should know.

He knew about rejection,
loneliness, and pain;
He could hear the deafening sound,
as the mighty hammer rang.
Knowing all of this and more,
and knowing who to blame;
Comprehending All these things;
 Still He Came

2003 by Loretta Coley Lipsey

"For God  so loved the world that
He gave His only Begotten Son,
 that whoever believeth on Him,
 should not perish,
but have everlasting life."
John 3:16

Today is the day of Salvation.
If you do not know the Lord
 as your personal Savior
Now may be all we have.
Please Don't delay.
This writing may be copied
in it's entirety, for non-profit purposes,
 with author's credit remaining in tact