As Mothers we are special;
 there is no nobler call.
We are the Masterpiece of God;
He designed us one and all.
His plans are always perfect;
with each season there comes change;
And just as Summer follows Spring,
each life He has arranged.

In the springtime of our youth,
a mother's love is always near.
She shows us how to serve the Lord,
in the growth of tender years.
She loves us unconditionally;
has patience beyond measure;
She cultivates our eager hearts
and thanks God for this great treasure.

As this season of our life gives
way to summer's sun,
It's in these years we blossom
and a new phase has begun.
As a mother she knows that, danger,
into this season will creep,
So with a prayerful heart,
 on bending knees she prays our souls
"He'll" keep.

We're no longer tiny babies when
a kiss could heal our pain,
It's then she listens with her heart,
and quiets tears that fall like rain.
We slowly start to break the ties
of Mother's apron strings,
And right before her very eyes,
her little child takes wing.

Her years of prayer and teaching
 are now put to the test,
As we begin the search for love,
which is a awesome quest.
She prays that we are listening to
 the sound of God's still voice;
For if we are she knows that
 "He" will help us make the choice.

Then once again the seasons change
 as we listen to God's call,
And now her child has made the journey
through summer into fall.
It's in this season that life begins,
 the circle to complete,
As our lives change,
and we understand,
with the patter of little feet.

We now can know and comprehend
 just what our mother meant;
When we heard her thank our God above,
 for the miracle that He sent.
Now we will teach our children,
 just as to us was taught;
That Jesus gave "His" life for them
and their soul "His" blood has bought.

We'll teach our children to love the Lord,
 as they sit down at our knee,
And as we bow our heads to pray,
we'll remember our mother's plea.
We, too, will thank our God above
for the children in our arms,
And with prayerful hearts on bending knees;
pray He'll keep them safe from harm.

Now, we will watch, as our children journey
from spring and on through fall;
As they grow in spirit and in truth they
will answer to God's call.
It's then as Grandmothers we reflect on
the seasons and all they've blessed;
As we step into tomorrow and the years
of winter's rest.

It's in this season we look back at
our joys and all our trials;
With thankful hearts we turn to God 
and thank "Him" for every mile.
God's presence has always surrounded us;
 He now keeps us free from strife;
As we journey into the future through the ...
Seasons of our Life.

2003 by Loretta Coley Lipsey & Laura Lipsey Hayes

Written and dedicated to the Mothers
 and Daughters at Church.  Our theme for the
Mother/ Daughter Banquet was...
 Season's of our Life.

 Who can find a virtuous woman? 
 For her worth is far above Rubies. 
The heart of her husband
safely trusts her; so she will have no lack of gain.
Proverbs 31:10

Her Children rise up and call her Blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her:
" Many daughters
 have done well, but you excel them all." 
 Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman
 who fears the Lord, shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:28-30

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