The Boss
Rhett Matthew Hayes
I  was born to Laura and Matt Hayes on December 16th, 2003. I am  their 5th little miracle and  the younger brother of 4 beautiful older sisters.  Kayla 15, Kendall  12, Courtney 9, and Cassidy  7.   My Mom and Dad are the best  and my sisters are the koolest. I am now 3 years old and I am the King of the Hill.  Ha! Ha!  I have my Nana and Papa wrapped around my finger and they love me a lot.  I have 3 very Kool Cousins also .
I am a blessed little man.
Laura Montene Lipsey Hayes
Matthew Paul Hayes
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All About Me
Sister - Courtney Danielle Hayes
Cousin Taylor Nichole Lipsey(L)
Sisters-Kayla Renee Hayes (R)
Kendall Montene Hayes (C)

Cousin - Bailey Christina Lipsey
Cousin - Trey Anthony Lipsey
Cassidy Brooke Hayes