Our lives are but the gathering of
memories along life's way;
Of things we've done for others,
Lord, to brighten every day.
You've blessed us in so many ways,
 that we could never count;
 you gave us each a Mother's love,
in an abundant, vast amount.

We came into this world as tiny babies,
 in our Mother's arms.
She held us close and guarded our hearts
 to keep us safe from harm.
She watched us as we grew each day,
 and marveled at the sight;
of all the many things we learned,
as she taught us wrong from right.

It seems as though she turned around,
and right before her eyes;
This little one, she loved so dear,
 was reaching for the skies.
The years flew fast as this baby grew,
from one to twenty-four;
And in the blinking of an eye,
her child was walking out the door.

It's now she prays that all the things
she taught them from their birth;
will remain as happy memories as
they live their lives on earth. 
She prays they will remember all
the times she held them close,
And of all the memories in their hearts
they will treasure these the most.

She took them all to Sunday School
and taught them of God's Love
She taught them that their final home
 is in Heaven up above.
She taught them they should praise the
Lord, and be kind to all others
That all the people in this world were
 their sister's and their brothers.

The most important thing she left them,
 each and every night was
to show them by example;
to kneel and fold their hands real
 tight She taught them they would stand
so tall when on the bended knee
For in this reverent position,
they could commune with God, you see. 

There are so many memories,
that we should take the time to make
like going to a baseball game ,
 or taking time to bake a cake.
the time a mother gives her child
as they are growing tall.
 are the things they will remember
most when the Angels come to call.

For each of us the day will come
when Mom must go away;
it's at this moment, we begin to think,
 on all the memories that we've made
So as a mother or daughter,
don't let your life simply pass with time
Go out and make a memory, to leave
 for those who are left behind.

As Mother's we know our children
will be the reflection of all they've seen
for they learn by observation,
 to see if what we say .... we mean.
So lead your children from this day by
a Godly example set,
and these are memories they
will trust and never will forget.

So whether it be a tea party,
 or a bowl of popcorn shared;
the child you love will cling to these
when life seems so hard to bear.
The Band-Aids on a fresh skinned knee,
the heart that love has broken
can all be healed with memories
of a mothers love unspoken.

you see our actions, speak louder
 than words, and this is known as truth,
And if our hearts are in tune with
God's when trouble visits our youth;
He will be our strength and shield ,
our guide to lead us on
and our children will watch,
 and they will see, the path to God's own throne
If tomorrow began without
 you here, what would your children say;
What would their hearts be filled with,
 that you left along life's way?
Will it be with thoughts of love
and laughter, and a mothers loyalties
That will help them carry on in life with
 a heart full of sweet
~ Memories ~

© by Loretta Coley Lipsey & Laura Lipsey Hayes


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