My Name is Loretta Lipsey and I am a Christian. I was born and raised on a small farm in South Georgia, just outside of a town called Moultrie.  I was fortunate to be born to Christian parents that taught me from birth that the most important thing I could ever do in life was to love the Lord with all my heart and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.  At the early age of  8 I understood the need for a Saviour and asked Jesus into my heart and life.  I have never since that day doubted that I would go to Heaven when the Lord calls me home.  I know that I do not deserve Heaven,  but thank God for His wonderful, marvelous, Grace.  I know that the only way to Heaven is through the provision Christ made when He shed His precious blood for me at Calvary.  This is a love that I cannot comprehend, but am eternally grateful for.  I am nothing apart from Him and all that I am that is good  is only because of Him.  I love the Lord with all my heart and live to serve Him in any way that He chooses.  The Poetry I sign is in all actuality written by God and I am just a meager instrument.  I do feel honored and blessed that He allows me to pen His words on occasion.  I have found that If I pray before I begin He is faithful to finish it with haste.  If I forget to stop for that moment to ask Him what He desires for me to write I always fail.  I take Salvation very seriously and I know that when He hung on that tree at Calvary I, Loretta, was on His mind.  I am ready for Heaven when He is ready for me.  I long for that day.  My desire for this year and the rest of my life is to serve the Lord in any way I can and share His Salvation message with as many lost people as I can.  I desire to develop a deeper and more personal love relationship with Him as each day goes by.  That is His desire for us all.  I am worth nothing and deserve nothing, but I am worth it because He says I am.  If anyone reading this does not know Jesus Christ as their Saviour, please make that decision today.  Today is all we have and there is no promise of tomorrow.  
Joyfully Serving Jesus

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