Almost Home
Although we did not know them,
We recognize their faces.
For, on this day, they represent
The people of all races.
They represent all Nations
Around the world, it's true.
But, they proudly wear the colors
Of America's Red, White, and Blue.
They undertook a mission,
Knowing all the dangers it entailed.
But, as they boarded Columbia,
They never dreamed that it would fail.
We watched, in sheer amazement,
As the Shuttle was hurled in space.
Their dedicated mission ...
To improve life for the human race.
They sailed up, through the atmosphere,
In speeds we can't conceive.
I'm sure their hearts were pounding.
Yet, in their mission they believed.
They left the surface of this Earth
And traveled a million miles.
But, the pleasures found, in the work
At hand, always brought them smiles.
I'm sure their dreams, as children,
Were to fly beyond the stars,
To visit other planets;
Perhaps Jupiter, Saturn, or Mars.
So, when we think about them,
We can most assuredly say,
"They lived out their childhood
Fantasies, in a very worthy way."
When they left the boundaries of
This Earth's mighty, gravitational, pull,
All their childhood dreams came true
And their hearts, I'm sure, were full.
How many people in this world
Can truly say the same,
They had everything their hearts desired
And to that fact lay claim?
I know they loved their families, and
Many stories they were going to tell.
But, we know that God is in control
And, with Him, all things are well.
He chose to take these seven brave
Souls, in the twinkling of an eye.
But, He is there to hold those close
That are left alone to cry.
Through every sadness, every trial
That life may bring each day,
God is always very near.
He is just a prayer away.
So, when you feel you can't go on;
and you feel all hope is lost,
Place your burdens at the feet of Christ
and leave them at the Cross.
Just open up your hearts to Him
And He will gladly share your load.
He proved how much He can bear,
When He walked up Calvary's Road.
He has shown us all how much
He cares, in a sacrificial way.
So, let your Faith keep you strong.
Call His name without delay.
We know not what our future holds;
Not when, not where, not how.
So, think about your life, your souls,
And plan for Heaven, now.
The roads of life are rocky and rough,
No matter where we roam.
But, as we watched, the Father worked
And they were taken when almost home.
2003 by Loretta Coley Lipsey
This writing may be copied in it's entirety,
for non-profit purposes,
 with author's credit remaining in tact.
In Memory of the crew of the
Space Shuttle Columbia
In Loving Memory
Commander Rick Husband
Pilot William McCool
Payload commander Michael Anderson
Kalpana Chawla
Dr. David Brown
Dr. Laurel Clark
Ilan Ramon
"For God so Loved the world,
that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,
 but have everlasting life."
John 3:16
If you are reading this you are not absolutely
sure that your final home is Heaven,
 should you be called away today,
 please take the necessary steps so you can be sure.
 We do not have the assurance of tomorrow. 
 All we have is now.  So, let this be the day of  your salvation.
If you have questions please contact me
and I will send you the information you need.
This Photo was taken by me on the day
of the Columbia Launch from my front yard.
I live In Brandon, Florida.


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