We all will leave a legacy,
 defining our lives from birth.

So, letís make it a living legacy,
 as we travel through time on earth.

What will we leave our children;
 when our journey here is done?

Will they remember our love and laughter;
 will they be proud of the race we've run?

Will they know how much we love the Lord,
 and will they desire to serve;

Will they believe down deep,
within their hearts, every letter of His word?

Will they remember all the special times;
we explored the treasures of earth,

And fully understand that these,
are temporary things from birth?

Will they look at God's creation,
with a wonder beyond belief?

And know that only, He, can ease,
a heart that is filled with grief?

Will they listen to the rhythm,
of the gentle falling rain?

And understand it comes from God;
like the tears that quench our pain?

Will they sit outside, on a bright warm day;
 let the sun shine on their face,

And know that God is very near,
 when life's trials they must embrace?

Will they hear the laughter of a child,
 and feel God's mighty worth,

And realize these are just a few,
of lifeís many pleasures on earth?

Will they know that love and laughter,
 are most precious when they 're shared?

Will they recognize the needs of others;
will the world know that they cared?

Will they smell the air after a cleansing rain,
and understand Christ's wonderful love

And still keep their eyes and hearts,
on their heavenly home above?

Will they see a newborn baby,
and will their minds be truly amazed;

At the power and beauty of creation,
when on this tiny infant they gaze?

Will they see God in the treetops,
and in the valleys deep?

Will they see Him in the babbling brooks,
and on the crest of mountains steep?

Will they listen closely to His call;
will they understand His power?

Will they know that all their needs He'll meet;
if they trust, in life's dark hour?

Will they see God in the countryside,
and on the city streets?

Will they fully understand,
He's there, with open arms to greet?

Will they learn to gather daily,
from the storehouse of His word?

And realize that He'll care for them,
as He cares for each tiny bird.

Will they see the dawning of each new day,
and recognize the face of God

In the beauty of the rising sun,
as the world wakes up to applaud.

Will they see God in the flowers,
 with so much beauty to behold?

Will they truly know that in His hands,
they will soon come forth as gold?

Will they learn to love their neighbors,
 as much as they love self?

Or will they simply, sit idly by,
like dusty books upon a shelf?

Will people see within them,
the amazing love of Jesus Christ?

Will they be ready to tell the world,
of His enormous sacrifice?

Do they honestly, truthfully, understand;
 the reason they are here?

Will they take a stand, in His precious name,
till the day He shall appear?

As Parents, will they learn to draw,
on the strength of lessons learned?

From the countless pages of their life,
 that Mother has gently turned.

If we can leave them with the knowledge,
of the Cross and Calvary.

What more could anyone ask for in,
A Mother's Legacy


© by Loretta Coley Lipsey


Written In Honor of Evelyn Sidell
(Grandmother to All)
Her life depicts a living Legacy.


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