A light was brightly shining in a field so far away;
For In the town of Bethlehem a child was born that day.
There, in a stable dank and cold,
upon a simple bed of hay
The Savior of the world,
 so silently did lay.

While in the sky above A heavenly light did appear
An angel had come to tell the world
our Savior now was here.
As Mary wrapped her baby boy,
and kissed His tiny face;
She knew that He was born to all,
 our sins He would erase.

She now began to understand;
just what the Lord had done
And knew that she was truly blessed to give
birth to God's own Son.
He was born into this world, and was truly God
and Man He knew that he would suffer loss,
  for it was the Lord's great plan.

God's wondrous plan to save the world; 
 His Son knew all to well
For He was born that Holy night to save
the world from Hell.
Knowing all that he would face,
long before He came to earth
His love for us was great enough,
 to come so we'd have worth.

Apart from His great love for us, 
a Love that is divine
Death is all that we deserve; 
 there'd  be no hope for all mankind
So as we shop
and trim our trees please remember Jesus Birth
But, also remember why He came,
to live His life on Earth.

He came to earth for you and me,
 to pay the debt we owe
He spent His whole life teaching us the
way that we should go.
He was a simple carpenter and lived a simple life
He never owned a meager home,
 nor did He take a wife.

He lived a life so pure and clean,
a perfect example He did set
But we still mocked and tortured Him,
then had Him put to death
Yes, you and I are guilty,
just as if His life was in our care
For each of us helped drive the nails
that kept Him hanging there.

Thank God, for happy endings,
for although He died.....He arose.
Just as the Lord had promised us
He had conquered all His foes.
The grave could not contain Him there,
 no more than three days time And from that Third day,
 and forever more, we know ...
"A Light Still Shines."

2002 by Loretta Coley Lipsey
This writing may be copied in it's entirety, for
non-profit purposes, with author's credit remaining in tact


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